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The permit process can be confusing, frustrating, and a time-consuming experience. Our staff will work with you to make sure that you fully understand the process, and the final design of your shoreline project meets your expectations. We will complete the drawings and application forms to assure that the permits are approved in a timely manner. Even so, the permit process will take eight to twelve weeks for a relatively simple repair project, and twelve to eighteen months for a new or reconfiguration construction

The following is a list of the permits usually required for shoreline construction projects:
• Shoreline Substantial Development (or Exemption) from the local agency (your town, city or county)
• State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) checklist from the local agency
• Building Permit from the local agency
• Hydraulic Permit Approval (HPA) from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)
• Army Corps of Engineers Section 10 permit. This usually requires a "Section 7" consultation with both the National Marine Fisheries Service and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
• Coastal Zone Management compliance water quality certification from the Department of Ecology

In order to serve you better, we've provided a list of Regulatory Agencies and other helpful websites
on our Other Links page. Please feel free to call us with questions.